AV Rankings

You may have noticed we have an "AV Ranking" shown in the description of each of our items.  This is our way of indicating to you the condition of the bag.  Excellent, Good, Fair, etc., was a little too dull for us, so we tried to make it fun.  Here is how we rank. 

The best ranking is listed at the top, with the lowest quality listed at the bottom.

    • You fooled me, she looks NEW!
      • These bags may not have plastic still on the bag, but they look brand new to us!  There will be minimal, if any, love shown on these bags. They are typically items that were previously display pieces or rarely worn by their previous owner. 
    • Gracefully Loved
      • These items will have some love notes noted in the description but are well taken care of.  
    • World Traveler, but more places She wants to See!
      • These items have love notes included in the description. They may include notes that reference some leather wear or rubbing on metal pieces.  
    • This PRICE is unbeatable!
      • These items will be priced to sell. They may be well-loved pieces.  We will note all wear and will make sure to take photos of the wear.  Keep in mind, these are still wonderful pieces that can still be loved for many years to come. You just won’t have to worry about wearing these pieces because they can be well loved and you won’t have to worry about them. 

    Please keep in mind we will always work to source the absolute best quality we can, and we will never sell a quality we would not personally add to our collections, but our products cannot all be "You fooled me, she looks NEW!