Bag Swap with AV Luxury - Q & A

What is Bag Swap with AV Luxury?

Bag Swap gives you the opportunity to swap your bags with the AV collection to give you many different looks through out the year. 

Maybe you purchased a bag you no longer use, or you have a bag that no longer fits your wardrobe?  Swap it for another option in the AV inventory.


How does it work?

If you have a previous AV purchase you can now swap that bag for another piece in the collection.  (Have a bag, purchased from someone other than AV?  Scroll down for more options) 

The amount of credit you get towards your next purchase will be dependent on how long ago you ordered your current piece. You are responsible for shipping costs to return your bag but have the option to pay the carrier directly or request a return label from AV, which will be deducted from the total credit value. 

Timelines (based on date package was delivered to you):

1 - 30 days:  85% of the original purchase value*

31 - 60 days:  75% of the original purchase value*

61-120 days:  60% of the original purchase value*

121 + days:  send pics and request to us and we will provide a quote


What if I used my bag, and it now shows a lot of wear?

Did you buy an AV bag, and you loved on it and used it a lot, maybe even got a stain or two, so you aren't sure if it would qualify for Bag Swap?

Send us the pics!  We are happy to provide you with a Swap credit amount over email so you can feel confident about the rate before you send it back.

Send pics to, or submit them to our DM's in Instagram and we will get back to you with a credit quote.


Have a bag that was not purchased from AV but want to participate in the Bag Swap?

We are happy to get you into the Bag Swap group!  Send us pics of your bag and we will provide you a quote for a "Buy-out" option.  If you like the "Buy-out" price, and use those funds for Bag Swap, we will increase the amount of the credit by 10%!

For example:  

We quote you a price of $500 for the buy-out of the bag.  You decide to sell AV your bag, but instead of cash you want to participate in the Bag Swap Program, you now have a credit of $550 ($500 + 10%).


I sent in my bag for Bag Swap, but changed my mind and now I want it back.

We totally get it...we change our minds too.  

Once you send in the bag we go through a few different steps.  We verify the authenticity of the bag and do a quality check as well.  Once we confirm authenticity and quality we email you the finalized rate for the credit.  At that time you have the ability to accept or decline the credit we are providing.  Once confirmed, you will be issued an electronic gift card at the value agreed upon.  At that point the bag now belongs to AV.  Any point prior to the gift card being issued you can ask for the bag to be returned.  You will be responsible for any shipping costs to have the bag returned.  

Once the gift card is issued the bag will belong to AV and will be listed on the website.  If the bag is still available, at a later date, and you want it back, you will be able to use your gift card, or any other accepted payment option, to repurchase the piece.


Do you have more questions?


We love to hear from our customers and followers!  Please shoot us an email, or send us a DM on Instagram and we are more than happy to help out!   



*All credit rates are based on the bag being returned in same condition as previously purchased.  Credit rate will be finalized after bag has been inspected by AV and condition and authenticity are confirmed.  If rate is lower than listed above, bag owner will have the ability to decline the offer and will then be responsible for paying for the shipment of the bag back to the owner.

**Bags returned with a smoke smell will not be eligible for bag swap, and the shipping costs to return the bag to the owner will be at the cost of the owner.